#3 – My Favorite Albums of 2012

Fun. – Some Nights

Producer – Jeff Bhasker, Emile Haynie, Jake One
Some Nights has to be the most amazing modern rock record ever recorded. I fully expect Fun. to clean up on grammy night. Everything about this album smells of perfection. The production and engineering is top notch, layers upon layers of instruments and vocals all with amazing clarity and definition. The songwriting is intelligent and thought provoking. The performance is off the hook good, Nate Ruess can really sing his ass off.
So, you ask why this album is not #1 on my list? Truthfully it was sitting at #1 since the moment I first heard it back in February. That was until I heard two more albums that were slightly more impressive.  At least to me.
Favorite Tracks – Some Nights, Carry On
Listen to Some Nights on Spotify

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