#13 My Favorite Albums Of 2022

Collective Soul Vibrating This is the 11th album from Collective and there is not a dud among them. This band consistently releases excellent new albums and I will never grow tired of it. I sure hope Ed Roland has a million more songs to write, I’ll listen to every single one of them. Listen To…

#9 My Favorite Albums Of 2019

Collective Soul Blood Collective Soul have consistently made great albums. I don’t think they could ever do wrong by me. This new album is a perfect addition to their incredible discography. Favorite Tracks: Them Blues, Observation of Thoughts Listen to Blood Watch the videos

#9 My Favorite Albums Of 2015

Collective Soul See What You Started By Continuing Producer – Ed Roland Collective Soul are back and better than ever. See What You Started By Continuing brings a return to their guitar driven sound of the 90’s. This album is definitely their best since 1999’s Dosage. Singles like This, AYTA and Exposed are instant classics….