#2 – My Favorite Albums of 2012

10 Years – Minus The Machine

Producer – 10 Years
Every so often an album comes from out of nowhere and instantly impresses the hell out of me. First listen to Minus The Machine reminded me of how much I crave to hear new music from Tool. Yes they sound a lot like Tool and A Perfect Circle but yet still maintain their own originality. As I listened to this album more and more I began to appreciate the differences more than the similarities between them and Tool. I like the less progressive and more pop arrangement of their songs. I also appreciate the fact they use synthesizers which is something Tool has completely written off.
Great sounding production and performances are the most impressive part of this album. The songs somehow flow from one to another perfectly and beautifully.
Favorite Tracks – Battle Lust, Writing On The Walls
Listen to Minus The Machine on Spotify

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