#1 – My Favorite Albums of 2013

Sara Bareilles – The Blessed Unrest

Producer – John O’Mahony, Sara Bareilles, Mark Endert, Kurt Uenala
The Grammys got one thing right this year and that’s nominating this record for album of the year.  Sara will finally get the credit she deserves as the most versatile and talented female pop artist currently making records. Everything Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus does pails in comparison to what Sara can do.

The pop hit “Brave” is a wondrous single that can keep Katy Perry’s rip off down to a purr.  The rest of the album is where it proves it’s nomination status. Masterpiece after masterpiece and songs that could serve as soundtracks to only the best Oscar worthy movies.

The production and engineering is absolutely flawless and gives you the feeling that you are listening to a stage musical. The sound is just huge with big orchestral pieces that play with the piano, guitars and drums beautifully. It is just a pleasure to sit back and listen to all the little recording nuances that make up each of the twelve tracks. The hammering piano on “Hercules.” The Airy vocals on “Satellite Call” that sound like they are above the atmosphere. The perfectly recorded Motown style Kick/Snare on “Little Black Dress.” The Percussive strings on “I Choose You.” The retro sounding drum machine on “Eden.” I could go on and on about the production but I will let you discover some on your own.

Sara’s voice is the true highlight of this album though. It is so emotionally magical on every track, most notably on songs like the forlorn “Manhattan” and the uplifting “Cassiopeia.”

One listen and you won’t be able to quit. I know this because I snuck the CD into my wife’s car and she hasn’t stopped listening to it since, in or out of the car.

Favorite Tracks: Cassiopeia, Manhattan

Listen to The Blessed Unrest



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