#1 My Favorite Albums Of 2022

Taylor Swift


Surprisingly this is the first Taylor Swift album to make it on my list. Not because I’m not a fan or didn’t like any of her other albums. It’s simply because I try to feature albums that have had less of an audience in hopes that my influence might get them a few more listens. Taylor doesn’t need any help getting more listens that’s for sure.

Why is it different this time? Well I couldn’t go mute on what is her greatest album of all time. Paired with my favorite producer Jack Antonoff, who needs to be considered as a legendary song crafter and writer from now on, we have an absolute masterpiece.

Trust me on this one, if you don’t listen to her now is the time. If you are not transformed by the end of the first three songs I would be shocked.

Listen To Midnights

Watch The Videos


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