#2 My Favorite Albums of 2021

Third Eye Blind

Our Bande Apart

Another fantastic album from one of my all time favorite bands. Stephan Jenkins is a masterful lyricist and it shows through this entire album. This is true especially on the first single Bag of Bones with a line like “you got me taking the servant stairs, I grew up taking the servant stairs” you can’t help being drawn in to his incredible writing.

There is so much to uncover in his songs. It’s like trying to figure out an escape room. Other lyrics within the song will help lead us to the meaning. Someone on facebook was asking the meaning of the line in Silverlake Neophyte that goes “Get your fingers wet and have the people watch you rub a freeze.” What does it even mean? I’m still working on deciphering it. The previous line says “you’re on a mission to see how many likes you can get.” We could be talking Instagram influencer but I’m leaning more towards OnlyFans performer.

I will forever love this band and I’m so happy they continue to make great new music for me to adore.

Listen to Our Bande Apart

Watch the videos

Check out the four part short film on the making of Our Band Apart


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