#5 My Favorite Albums of 2021

Foo Fighters

Medicine At Midnight

You can never go wrong with the Foo Fighters in my book. I don’t think they are capable of making a bad album. They are one of the all time best rock bands and they sweat their asses off still 26 years into their career.

Medicine At Midnight is a different sounding Foo album. It’s more pop orientated but it still has those classic riff and melody hooks that get stuck in your head. There are arena anthems galore on this album, Making a Fire, Waiting on a War, No Son of Mine, Love Dies Young all are credible setlist mainstays.

Cloudspotter is the most surprising song on the album. It comes off as a full departure from the Foo sound but damn, that chorus kicks in and reminds you where they came from.

Listen to Medicine At Midnight

Watch the videos


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