#8 My Favorite Albums of 2021

The Accidentals


This is the first time I’ve been able to include a local Traverse City, Michigan artist on my list. I’ve featured other Michigan artists over the years but never one from my current home town. The fact that they are from Traverse City is the only reason I now know of them and I feel ashamed that it took me until now to discover this brilliant group that has been around since 2012.

As most of you know I love going to concerts which usually means traveling mostly to the Detroit or Grand Rapids areas to attend. Traverse City has a severe lack of live music venues. We do have Interlochen of which I try to make it to one or two shows a year. Then there is the City Opera House right in Traverse City that has only ever drawn me in one time. One day I decided to check out what kind of shows were happening locally and The Accidentals at the City Opera House looked intriguing. I had never heard of them but I did a little research and decided to get it a try. I was blown away by their performance. How did I miss out on them for so long?

The album is equally as impressive as their live show. This blend of acoustic alternative, americana folk is the kind of thing I absolutely love.

Listen to Vessel

Watch the videos


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