#20 My Favorite Albums of 2021

Greta Van Fleet

The Battle at Garden’s Gate

Let’s face it Greta Van Fleet’s road to huge success was partly due to people constantly comparing them to Led Zeppelin. I know I’m guilty of contributing to that notoriety. I would put it on and ask friends “who does this sound like?” all the time. It helped that their first EP was so damn good that it wasn’t just a joke of them sounding like Zeppelin. They actually had great hooky songs that would draw you in. So they caught on quickly, especially here in Michigan (their hometown is Frankenmuth, Michigan) it was even quicker.

On their second full length album they have evolved into this high concept classic prog rock band and I love it. The 70’s Queen style costumes, the early RUSH sound, All done incredibly well.

One thing is for sure. Greta Van Fleet have broken from the Zeppelin comparisons and have found their own sound that will keep them around and relevant for years to come.

Listen to The Battle at Garden’s Gate

Watch the videos


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