#12 – My Favorite Albums Of 2020

Hayley Williams

Petals for Armor

The first solo album from Paramore frontwoman Haley Williams was a delightful surprise. This album was released in three phases consisting of three 5 song EP’s. I’ll admit the first EP (Disc 1) did not impress all that much. I had a craving for more Paramore music and this was not cutting it.

The second EP (Disc 2) drew me back in. The hooks on the those songs were so good. Every one of those five songs were infectious. I was back in and willing to give it a shot now.

When the full album dropped I was hooked. Hearing all of the songs as one collection was a great listening experience.

Favorite Tracks – Dead Horse, Over Yet

Listen To Petals for Armor

Watch The Videos


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