#20 – My Favorite Albums of 2020


Wild, Free

This year’s November surprise.

Near the end of the year I tend to get burned out in trying to discover new music. It’s a lot of work but by October I just want to listen to things I already know. I usually have a handful of anticipated albums I am waiting on but delving into the unknown doesn’t really happen this time of the year. Yet somehow almost every year there is one album that somehow finds it’s way to me.

This one was by way of a facebook ad. I just happened to have the sound turned up when I scrolled past the ad and loved what I heard immediately. I jumped right in and listed to the entire album twice and knew it deserved to be on this list.

Go listen to this now, they need the exposure they deserve.

Favorite Tracks –  Cold Air, Midnight

Listen to Wild, Free

Watch The Videos


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