Coming Soon – My Favorite Albums of 2020

Starting December 5th I will begin posting my favorite albums from this unusual year. My music listening habits changed this year as I was spending more time at home instead of driving around the state for concerts and listening to new music. I still think I’ve compiled a good list that should interest everyone out there.

Last year I included my favorite Single, EP and Live Album of the year in this post. I will do it again.

Favorite Single of 2020

Level of Concern by Twenty One Pilots

This was the first of the quarantine songs to come out. A killer grove with the perfect message I needed at the time.

Favorite EP

Post Human: Survival Horror EP – Bring Me The Horizon

These guy can do nothing wrong. Every song is just laced with incredible hooks. The collaborations on this EP are brilliant.

Favorite Live Album

S&M2 by Metallica

How does classical music and metal go together so well? Metallica just make it work beautifully.


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