#1 My Favorite Albums Of 2019

1-Rival Sons

Rival Sons

Feral Roots

I didn’t catch on to Rival Sons until this year. I had heard the name before but never sought out giving them a listen. Kind of a bummer because I know I would have been a huge fan right from the beginning. When I saw them pop up in my new music list I added it to my library to finally give them a listen.

First listen didn’t really stand out to me. I only listened to a few tracks and didn’t give it my full attention. I went back to the album about a month later and immediately fell in love. Every listen drew me in more and more. The first thing I do when finding an album I love is look up to see if they have any live shows coming up. I was shocked to see their Detroit show was already sold out. I guess I was really late to the party. I did get to see them when they came back around in the fall.

Their classic rock sound is a lot like what Greta Van Fleet is doing but so much better. Guitarist Scott Holiday is by far one of the best around right now and Jay Buchanan’s voice is unparalleled.

Favorite Tracks: Too Bad, Shooting Stars

Listen to Feral Roots

Watch the videos


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