#3 My Favorite Albums Of 2019

3-JS Ondara

J.S. Ondara

Tales of America

Born in Kenya J.S. Ondara came to America in 2013 after winning the green car lottery. More specifically he moved to Minnesota because he grew up being obsessed with Bob Dylan. He had one goal, become a professional musician. Ironically he had never even picked up a guitar until he landed in America. Over six years he taught himself how to play and started participating in open mic jams. He caught the interest of Verve Records and recorded this debut album.

What we got was an incredibly intimate album from a brilliant songwriter. If you listen with headphones on it feels like J.S. is sitting right there with you singing his songs to you alone. Take a song like “Turkish Bandana” that features J.S.’s voice a capella bathed in the reverb of the room is hauntingly beautiful.

Favorite Tracks: Torch Song, Saying Goodbye

Listen to Tales of America

Watch the videos


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