#5 My Favorite Albums Of 2019

5-Aaron West

Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties

Routine Maintenance

In 2014 when I picked Aaron West’s first album as my number 2 pick I said it was the greatest concept album ever written. That claim still holds true and this follow up falls in place right behind it. The story is finally complete and I could not be more happy with the outcome.

When the first album came out I was drawn in to the incredible story telling but did not have as close of a connection to the story like I do now. I often day I feel just like Aaron now.

Routine Maintenance picks up right where the first album leaves off and tells the story of Aaron moving on from his divorce and creating a new life form himself. Everything about this speaks to me.

I had the chance to see Aaron West perform live and meet him this year. Such an incredible experience to hear the songs that changed my life performed live.

Favorite Tracks: Bloodied Up In A Bar Fight, Rosa & Reseda

Listen to Routine Maintenance

Watch the videos


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