#8 My Favorite Albums Of 2019



Everyday Life

My love for British pop/rock is directly contributed to my love for Coldplay. More specifically my love for Parachutes, their first album released 19 years ago. If I had kept a list back in those days Parachutes would for sure have been the number one pick for 2000. They are the reason I started listening to bands like Keane, Snow Patrol, Travis, The Script and The 1975.

With the release of their last album Chris Martin had hinted that it might be their last album. While I didn’t take the news seriously I was sad at the thought of not ever getting a new album from one of my all time favorite bands. So, obviously I was very surprised when they announced this album. This is everything I love about Coldplay.

Favorite tracks: Orphans, Church

Listen to Everyday Life

Watch the videos


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