#3 My Favorite Albums Of 2018

03 Brandi Carlile

Brandi Carlile

By The Way, I Forgive You

The dark horse of the Grammy’s. Has Brandi Carlile finally become mainstream? After her six Grammy nominations including the top categories of Album, Song and Record of the Year she has to be. It’s no surprise to me, I’m just wondering why it took six albums to finally get there. She has major crossover appeal that spans multiple genres. If you like Country, if you like Alternative, Pop, Singer/Songwriter, or even Rock (yes, there is a little Janis in her sound) then you will love Brandi.


There is no doubt that this album is her greatest achievement to date. The songs are the best she has ever written. The production is off the charts amazing. The sound is captured perfectly.


How fitting that the album closes with a beautiful string arrangement by Paul Buckmaster who passed away shortly after working on this project. Buckmaster is a legend who has collaborated with Elton John, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie among countless others.


Favorite Tracks: The Joke, Party Of One

Listen to By The Way, I Forgive You

Watch The Videos


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