#5 My Favorite Albums Of 2018

05 Andrew McMahon

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness

Upside Down Flowers

I was first introduced to this band when they were the opening act for the Weezer/Panic! Tour a couple years ago. I was immediately impressed with them. Last year they released a new album and it landed at #2 on my list. I was surprised to find them releasing another album this year and began anticipating it.


The first single “Ohio” just blew me away. It was lyrically beautiful, capturing his family’s move from Ohio to California into a heartfelt story. The second single “Teenage Rockstars” hit home for me. It reminded me of my days being one of those “Rockstars.”


The rest of the album plays out incredibly. The lyrics and melodies just draw me in and make me want to listen on repeat, over and over again.


Favorite Tracks: Teenage Rockstars, Ohio

Listen to Upside Down Flowers

Watch the videos



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