#13 My Favorite Albums Of 2018

13 All Get Out

All Get Out

No Bouquet

Near the end of the year I tend to get burned out in trying to discover new music. It’s a lot of work but by October I just want to listen to things I already know. I usually have a handful of anticipated albums I am waiting on but delving into the unknown doesn’t really happen this time of the year. This November though, something happened. For some unknown reason I was looking through the Apple Music new releases and saw something that caught my eye. So I listened. It only took one song to hook me in, by the second song I was adding it to this list.


This album has all the Emo of Death Cab and all the Pop Punk of The Wonder Years. Two bands I have huge respect for. So you can see how I was easily drawn in to liking this album so much. It’s so raw and emotional. Songs like “Rose” and “Value” are just plain brilliant. I will definitely be digging deeper into their catalogue and following their career.


Favorite Tracks: Rose, Value

Listen to No Bouquet

Watch the videos



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