#8 – My Favorite Albums of 2016



Weezer (White Album)

Whenever Weezer release a self titled album you know it is destined to become a classic. With their fourth self titled white album Rivers Cuomo and band deliver on this assumption tenfold.

Chock full of songs that are destined to become set list mainstays. Thanks God For Girls and King of the World will no doubt be included in every Weezer live show here on out, and for good reason.

You have to listen to the Summer Elaine and Drunk Dori episode of the Song Exploder podcast. River’s explaining his eccentric writing style is just as captivating as the songs themselves. It really makes you appreciate how much effort he puts into his creations.

Favorite Tracks – King of the World, Jacked Up

Listen to the White Album

Watch The Videos


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