#11 – My Favorite Albums of 2016


Ron Pope

Ron Pope & The Nighthawks

Ron Pope has been around for quite a while now releasing solo pop albums that are probably better than they are given credit for. With this album though he assembled a band an put out an impressive Americana album. Blending Rock and Country vibes to produce an grooving yet tender album that inspires me to be more creative.

In my opinion the mid nineties were the sweet spot for country music and a couple of these songs almost seem like throwbacks to that time. “Leave You Behind” reminds me of the great country ballads of that time. “White River Junction” almost sounds like a lost Garth Brooks recording.

“Hotel Room” is everything I love about Americana music these days. The lyrics tell a very simple and pure story that are delivered in an incredibly emotional performance.

Favorite Tracks – Leave You Behind, Hotel Room

Listen To Ron Pope & The Nighthawks

Watch The Videos


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