#1 My Favorite Albums Of 2015


Hamilton: An American Musical

(Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Producer – Lin-Manuel Miranda, Questlove, Bill Sherman

In reality a musical about founding father and star of the US $10 bill, Alexander Hamilton, should not even rank. But in actual reality it ranks as one of the best musicals I have ever heard and equally the greatest Cast Recording ever made.

Hamilton takes traditional musical theater style songs and spices them up with a urban rap element that ends up playing better than you can imagine. Hearing Thomas Jefferson and Hamilton square off in an epic “Cabinet Rap Battle” is both intriguing and hilarious at the same time. Hamilton was a prolific writer and using rap as a part of his dialogue is a masterful idea.

I have been and always will be a huge fan of the musical RENT and could go on a never ending rant about it being my all time favorite. Now I don’t think I can do that anymore because Hamilton has stole my heart. One of the things that makes it better is that there is not a single moment from the show missing from the recording.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is so freakishly talented. Not only did he write this masterpiece he also plays Hamilton on the Broadway show. Look for him to fill a shopping cart full of Tony awards in June.

Favorite Tracks – My Shot, Take a Break

Listen to Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)



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