#2 My Favorite Albums Of 2015


Coldplay – A Head Full Of Dreams

Producer – Rik Simpson, Stargate

Heralded as Coldplay’s final album A Head Full Of Dreams is the perfect epilogue to one of the all time greatest bands. While I don’t feel this is truly the last we will hear from them I do believe this story arc of the band is complete. Anticipation for this album led me to re-listen to their back catalogue which really helped put the significance of this album into focus.

On A Head Full Of Dreams Coldplay dives head first into the pop spectrum producing an easy to listen to, and sometimes dance to, record while still maintaining that classic Coldplay vibe.

I was a fan from the moment I first heard Yellow all the way through. Whatever their plans for the future are I know I will be there to support it.

Favorite Tracks – Hymn For The Weekend, Amazing Day

Listen to A Head Full Of Dreams



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