#3 My Favorite Albums Of 2015


Mumford & Sons – Wilder Mind

Producer – James Ford

Mumford & Sons have transformed from a Hipster Folk/Bluegrass group to an Alt Rock mega-force. I never really got into their previous two albums but after seeing them play SNL to promote this album I was mesmerized at their new sound. I joked that they finally earned enough money to buy some electric guitars and amps. Truth is their sound is not at all that much different they just have a lot more ambience and presence and spatiality now. It just adds so much more to their already great melodies and hooks.

Marcus Mumford’s vocals sound better than ever now singing with a little less growl and a hell of a lot more fragility. One listen to “Monster” and you will hear it and feel it.

Favorite Tracks – The Wolf, Monster

Listen to Wilder Mind



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