#2 – My Favorite Albums Of 2014


Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties – We Don’t Have Each Other

Producer – Ace Enders

Hands down, this is the greatest concept album ever written. Aaron West is broken down after finding out his wife has left him. He ends up leaving town to get away from the pain of losing the love of his life. I won’t go into to much more detail of the story so I don’t spoil this beautifully crafted album for you.

Wonder Years frontman Dan “Soupy” Campbell plays the part of Aaron West brilliantly. I’ve never heard an album so full of realistic emotion, you would think the characters are real. The lyrical content of this album is where it shines the most. The attention to detail and the painting of vivid scenes create an incredible sense of realism.

This album is undeniably sad. Probably the most depressing album I have ever listened to. But, it’s a listening experience not to be missed. So I dare you to sit down, pull up the lyrics and read along to the entire album. It has restored my faith that the business of recording complete albums is still important these days.

Favorite Tracks –  St. Joe Keeps Us Safe, You Ain’t No Saint

Listen to We Don’t Have Each Other


Watch The Videos


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