#5 – My Favorite Albums Of 2013

Pearl Jam – Lightning Bolt

Producer – Brendan O’Brien
It’s Pearl Jam at their best – Being the greatest grunge rock band out there. Everybody talks about Nirvana and how they changed music forever in the 90’s, but it was Pearl Jam that solidified that change back then and still continue to this day. After all of the other Seattle grunge bands have retired Pearl Jam has continued to record and release albums, good albums.

Lightning Bolt rebirths their grungy punk rock sound that made them superstars in the 90’s with the albums Vs. and Vitology. This album proves that Pearl Jam are and always will be the kings of the Seattle Grunge era.

Favorite Tracks: Sirens, Infallible

Listen to Lightning Bolt

Watch the Videos

Mind Your Manners

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