#8 – My Favorite Albums Of 2013

Paramore – Paramore

Producer – Justin Meldal Johnsen, Taylor York
Paramore somehow lost two of their primary songwriters to a bitter feud yet managed to write their best album yet.  The sound of the band has gone in a slightly different direction while still maintaining their roots as a female fronted pop punk band.  I guess you could best compare their change in direction to No Doubt by slightly adding more and more pop influences to their punk sound.  The hit single “Still Into You” is the perfect example of their drift into pop melodies and tuned down aggression while still rocking out with the underlying music. This theme hold throughout the album on songs like Daydreaming, Anklebiters and Grow Up.

Favorite Tracks: Grow Up, Now

Listen to Paramore

Watch The Videos

Still Into You

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