#10 – My Favorite Albums Of 2013

Bastille – Bad Blood

Producer – Mark Crew, Dan Smith
To call Bastille a copycat of Coldplay would be a fair comparison. Just don’t let that discount their creativity and originality. Once you get past that both bands are Verse-Chorus-Verse songwriters with piano based songs and similar vocal styles they still remain worlds apart. Bastille mixes in a perfect amount of electronica throughout the entire album that serves only to compliment that core structure of the songs. What shines most is the vocal melodies, so constructive and unique on songs like Pompeii and Things We Lost in the Fire. They also know how to strip down songs to their bare bones to elevate their emotion like on These Streets, Oblivion and Daniel in the Den.

Favorite Tracks: Flaws, Things We Lost in the Fire

Listen to Bad Blood

Watch the Videos

Things We Lost in the Fire

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