#6 – My Favorite Albums of 2012

Keane – Strangeland

Producer – Dan Grech-MargueratProbably one of the most underrated british bands in the US. Keane have yet to release an album that is anything less than brilliant. Strangeland continues where they left of 4 years ago with Perfect Symmetry. Piano and synth heavy pop rock songs with intelligent lyrics and catchy hooks.

The hushed and intense “Disconnected” and the those were the times anthem “Sovereign Light Cafe” and easily some of the best songs Keane have ever written.

The first seven tracks play so well with each other that I sometimes find myself just skipping back to the beginning to listen to them again. I realized I was doing a disservice to the latter part of the album with deeper cuts and a more experimental sound when I started compiling my top 20 list. This album as a whole is an amazing musical journey.

Favorite Tracks – Disconnected, Sovereign Light Cafe

Listen to Strangeland on Spotify

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