#12 – My Favorite Albums of 2012

Train – California 37

Producer -Espionage, David Hodges, Diji Parq, Butch Walker, Gregg Wattenberg
This album is made up of Train doing what they do best, writing hit songs. The formula is simple, good melodies, great hooks and rhythms that make you move. Train has done all of this with California 37 but also included a dose of extremely clever and insightful lyrics.The opening track “This Will Be My Year” plays out like a sequel to the 1989 Billy Joel history lesson hit “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

“Bruises” is Train’s very respectable attempt to delve into the country crossover market. A beautiful duet with country singer Ashley Monroe.

The first 2 singles “Drive By” and “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” are some of the best hit songs Train have ever recorded.

Favorite Tracks – 50 Ways To Say Goodbye, Mermaid

Listen to California 37 on Spotify



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  1. Vickie says:

    I would have to agree! I absolutely love this album by my favorite band!


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