My Favorite Albums Of 2010

Here is the archive of my 2010 list of My Favorite Albums.

American_Slang_Gaslight_Anthem#1 – The Gaslight Anthem – American Slang

The Gaslight Anthem have recaptured the Jersey Shore Sound with perfection on this album. Songs like American Slang, Stay Lucky and Boxer are so reminiscent of classic Springsteen while still offering something fresh. Lyrically every song feels like their is a deeper more personal meaning than what is on the surface. One listen to Diamond Church Street Choir and you will find yourself scouring the internet to define all the references contained within. A great album that will be revered for years to come.


MUDD4923#2 – Punch Brothers – Antifogmatic

This is Newgrass! Pop melodies and alt-rock arrangements infused with bluegrass instrumentation create this year’s most intriguing album. Fronted by the mandolin master Chris Thile (Nickle Creek) this five piece group of pickers are the best of their generation.

Eminem-Recovery-Album-Cover-2-600x600#3 – Eminem – Recovery

Another amazing album from Detroit rapper Eminem. Powerful rhymes that reveal his true emotions. Not Afraid is by far his best accomplishment in song writing and Love The Way You Lie is a brilliant collaboration with Rihanna.


Harmony (Deluxe Version)#4 – Never Shout Never – Harmony

Never Shout Never is comprised of one extremely talented 19 year old musician. Christofer Drew Ingle plays every instrument on this Emo Acoustic Pop album. The title track talks about finding peace through harmony, a sort of anti war song that should be given more credit than it has received. The first single, CheaterCheaterBestFriendEater, is an adolescent breakup song that is damn catchy. Every single song on this album is single material. the standout songs for me are Piggy Bank, First Dance and the heartbreaking Lousy Truth.

Slash#5 – Slash – Slash

Legendary Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver guitarist has assembled a collection of top notch vocalists to put together an unbelievable album. From Top 40 singers like Fergie and Adam Levine to legendary rock singers like Lemmy Kilmister and Ozzy Osbourne.


Neon-Trees-Habits-Album#6 – Neon Trees – Habits

This Utah based alt-pop group have released a gem for their debut full length album. You have probably heard their hit Animal either on the radio or during several tv commercials. Animal is a perfect pop-rock song that works in all situations from the car stereo singing along, to the club dance floor. Songs like Sins of My Youth, Love and Affection and In The Next Room show their alt-rock side to be just as intriguing. 1983 is brilliant throwback to the retro sounds of that time.

Kaleidoscope Heart#7 – Sara Bareilles- Kaleidoscope Heart

Singer-Songwriter Sara Bareilles shines brilliantly on her newest album. The first half of this album is made up of Sara’s wonderfully crafted pop songs with clever lyrical content. Songs like King of Anything, Uncharted and Hold My Hear shows her amazing ability to write catchy pop songs that you want to listen to over and over. The second half of the album is she shines the spotlight on her beautifully strong voice. This is also where she bleeds her influences like Sarah McLachlan (The Light), Shawn Colvin (Basket Case) and Norah Jones (Not Alone). Breath Again is simply beautiful.

kings_of_leon-come_around_sundown-#8 – Kings of Leon – Come Around Sundown

Their sound is so unique and original which is solidified by the release of Come Around Sundown. Let’s face it, you have never heard anything quite like Kings of Leon. Listening to their album puts you into dreamscape type setting. For me the whole album sounds like it’s played live from the corner of a small bar. This sound design gives the songs a more intimate feeling to the listener. Amazing songs with melodies that will become infused in your brain for weeks.

scream#9 – Ozzy Osbourne – Scream

At the tender age of 61 Ozzy has made an album that echos the excellence of his 1991 smash hit No More Tears. Produced by a rising star in the hard rock genre, Kevin Churko helped craft songs that are destined to become Ozzy classics. This album also features new guitarist Gus G. who is more that capable of filling Zack Wylde’s shoes.

Avenged-sevenfold-nightmare-official-album-cover#10 – Avenged Sevenfold- Nightmare

Despite the tragic loss of their virtuosic drummer “The Rev” Avenged Sevenfold have managed to record a remarkable album. They did this by filling the sacred drum throne with the only person good enough to do so, Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater. A progressive metal album with a dark concept similar to Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime it will be classic masterpiece.

Bruno-mars-doo-wops-hooligans#11 – Bruno Mars – Doo-Wops & Hooligans

It’s a breath of fresh air to hear an R&B artist using a raw and natural voice. Mars’ vocals are not over saturated in effects or doctored up with an auto tuner. Every single song on this album has the potential to become a hit.


Stone_Temple_Pilots_-_Stone_Temple_Pilots#12 – Stone Temple Pilots – Stone Temple Pilots

Scott Weiland has found his way back home where he belongs.





#13 – Mt. Desolation – Mt. Desolation

When Keane band mates Tim Rice-Oxley and Jesse Quin decided to start a alt-country side project I never thought it would have turned so good. This touching collection of songs are just so impressive that one can only hope this isn’t a one album project. Songs like Annie Ford and Bridal Gown are stunning while the single State of Our Affairs is a true masterpiece.

0602527340975#14 – Meat Loaf – Hang Cool Teddy Bear

Come on it’s Meat Loaf. Who dosen’t like Meat Loaf. There are so many amazing songs on this album all in pure Meat Loaf rock opera fashion.



Barenaked-Ladies-All-In-Good-Time-Front600#15 – Barenaked Ladies – All In Good Time

Despite losing their co-founder/co-frontman to a solo career (see my #18 pick) BNL has excelled on their new album as a four piece. This is mostly due to their utility guy Kevin Hearn stepping up to the co-lead vocals position. Every Subway Car has to be one of the best songs in the BNL catalogue.

JEW_invented#16 – Jimmy Eat World – Invented

Filled with infectious hooks that stick in your mind the first time you hear them. An album about Love and Prosperity that will forever speak to your emotions.



600px-Kid-Rock-Born-Free-Final-Cover1#17 – Kid Rock – Born Free

Everything Producer Rick Rubin touches turns to Platinum, especially records. This Motown Rock record is the kind of sound Kid Rock should have been making his whole carrer.



612dqnfUjRL#18 – Steven Page – Page One

Former Barenaked Ladies frontman shines as a solo artist. Songs like A New Shore and Marry Me are reminiscent of 90’s BNL, clever lyrics and great melodies. This album shows the versatility of Page across the music spectrum spectrum.


the-suburbs#19 – Arcade Fire – The Suburbs

The Suburbs. Quite simply a sonic masterpiece.





Stone Sour cover

#20 – Stone Sour – Audio Secrecy

Corey Taylor’s voice blows me away. He has on this album proved to be one of the best Hard Rock vocalists out there.










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